The Company

Palets Pla d'Urgell was founded in 1996 as a small company dedicated to the collection, selection and repair of used pallets. Growing individual and governmental respect for the environment raised interest in developing sustainable activities and made the wood recycling market grow.

Palets Pla d'Urgell has prospered parallel to this development and has incorporated innovative products as a result of wood residue management. This is the case of our biomass briquettes, a renewable bet to save on heating, or sawdust for animal bedding.

15 years after being founded, Palets Pla d'Urgell is today a company with the recognized certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and is authorized by the Catalan Autonomous Government as a Residue Manager with codi E.936.06.

Palets Pla d'Urgell has a clearly defined function which has become our motto in our job: Let's give more life to wood! Only in this way will we give more life to the planet.


To contribute to preserve the planet's wooded mass through wood recycling and the production of renewable byproducts (as we are conscious that today's effort is an investment in the future).


To become an organization of reference in wood residue management and in the biomass market in Catalonia.

Company policy

You can download on PDF format our company policy with link showed below (only catalan version available).

Palets Pla D'Urgell - Offices floor 2
We do not
inherit the Earth
from our ancestors,
we borrow it
from our children

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